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Workshop Descriptions

Secrets of Salon

Afternoon workshops with 

Ariel Almirón and Aluminé Deluchi

Saturday, April 13

New Moves in Salon
Three (3) Afternoon workshops with Ariel and Aluminé

  12:00-1:15 Dynamic Moves for Tight Spots
  1:30-2:45  Ganchos for New Salon

  3:00-4:15  Shared Axis and Off Axis

Workshop 1 (12:00-1:15)

Salon Sequences for Improvisation focuses on elements of social tango that reveals the way in which salon builds communication and dialogue. Salon has history and traditions that bring integration to the dance. It is the beautiful culmination of a century of tango.

Workshop 2 (1:30-2:45)

Entradas vs. Sacadas will focus on the fun foot-play of entradas and sacadas. When DO you use entradas to create dynamics? How are they different than sacadas?  What does it mean for the followers?  Join the workshops and learn.

Workshop 3 (3:00-4:15)

Milonga Lisa and Milonga Traspie will address two rhythms of milonga and two styles of approaching this fun energetic dance. When the music changes, don't get stuck in one groove. Approach your milonga with clarity and dash. Voila!


7:00-11:00 Milonga Gitanos

DJ Aluminé Deluchi

Christ Church, 35 State St. Troy

Save 30%

Early-bird registration thru Sunday, March 3
One workshop $25, two $45, three $60


Milonga Gitanos

Members $20. Non-members $25


Contact and info:

(five-one-eight) 238-8824

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