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Workshop Descriptions 


Open and Close

Afternoon workshops with 

Leah Barsky & Martin Almirón

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Open and Close
Three (3) Afternoon workshops with Leah and Martin

Argentine Tango is sometimes described as the art of the embrace. Open and Close is our workshop series that expresses how to create an intimate and communicative embrace whether you are in “close embrace” or “open embrace.” Once we establish the principles in the first workshop, subsequent workshops elaborate on using the embrace to master more challenging material. 

  12:00-1:15 Comfortable Close Embrace (ALL levels)
  1:25-2:40  Giros in Open and Close Embrace (Intermediate level)

  2:50-4:00 Interactive Legs, Open and Close (Intermediate level)

Workshop 1 (12:00-1:15)

Comfortable Close Embrace is for tango dancers of ALL levels. We will discuss, and you will experience, how to create an intimate embrace that provides support for your partnership and flexibility for you and your partner to engage in a musical dialogue. The simple steps we will cover emphasize that a comfortable and communicative “close embrace” is the beginning of every great dance. 

Workshop 2 (1:25-2:40)

Giros in Open and Close Embrace applies the principles of “Close and Comfortable” to giro patterns in close embrace and open embrace. How does the embrace change the steps that we lead/follow? How do the steps influence our embraces? You will learn steps and apply strategies for transitioning between the two types of embrace while maintaining a close connection - even in giro patterns!

Workshop 3 (2:50-4:00)

Interactive Legs, Open and Close addresses the underlying principles that govern all leg interactions with your partners: energy, shape, timing and touch. Comfortable embraces are always desirable when interactive legs create adventure and mystique.


7:00-11:00 Milonga Gitanos

DJ: Martin Almirón

Performance: Leah Barsky & Martin Almirón

First Reformed Church of Scotia

224 Ballston Ave. Scotia, NY

Walk-in prices Saturday, July 13

One workshop $35, two-$65, three-$90

Milonga Gitanos

Members $20. Non-members $25



Contact and info:

(five-one-eight) 238-8824

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